Ice cream factory

The ice cream factory and the Tisane Restaurant are adjacent to the new building of the Deutsches Museum and form the experimental counterpart to the classic Brasserie Nitz and Café Pique Nique opposite.

The starting point for the design was the desire for a candy shop à la "Charly and the Chocolate Factory" that would inspire children's imaginations and open the doors to a childhood dream. Everything is homemade. Production and sales are closely intertwined, making customers part of the process. The ice cream shop is open year-round and offers ice cream as well as seasonally changing offerings such as crepes and waffles.

This semi-annual changeover requires architectural flexibility. This is ensured in the sales room by a fixed work surface on the back wall, which invites with an integrated door and window with a view into the production room. In the center of the sales room is the sales counter, which is composed of four individual stands. Each stand is carefully crafted according to its function and can be repurposed seasonally. Inspiration for this is provided by the typical 1-man sales stalls, which in themselves offer a self-sufficient and optimized system for street vending.

The materiality and choice of colors transform the image of a candy store into a stylish design with expressive and shiny colors. The space-creating materials captivate with rich berry tones in the floor and wall tiles, while the walls of textured plaster seemingly made of ice cream - everything seems edible.


OJ Cuisine GmbH


Nuremberg, Germany




Planning and implementation




Completion 2021