Brasserie Nitz

The Brasserie Nitz also belongs to the triptych-forming unit on the ground floor of the Hotel Karl August in connection with the Café Piqué Niqué. The space is very bright as it opens to the Pegnitz with large panoramic windows and on the other side to the inner courtyard, which can also be used in summer. The Brasserie has a separate entrance as it functions independently. The basic concept of the open kitchen fits perfectly with the geometry of the space and creates a modern cooking experience. The guests become part of the cooking process and can watch the classic home cooking in the making and afterwards enjoy the finest creations. The Molteni stove forms the heart of the kitchen. The stainless steel work surfaces and the bar are designed like an onion around the stove. The result is the typically turbulent flair of a Brasserie, which is further enhanced by the light and Mediterranean color concept. Rows of upholstered benches and niches together with a dramaturgical sequence of the space offer guests a variety of seating atmospheres. In the rear area a long table offers space for groups of up to 12 guests.

Similar to the Café Pique Nique and the lobby of Hotel Karl August, the floor is made of polished cast sterrazzo and the ceiling defined by an orthogonal grid structure.


OJ Cuisine GmbH


Nuremberg, Germany




Planning and implementation




Completion 2021




Thomas Meyer, Ostkreuz


Katja Reiter