Tisane Chef´s table

The "Tisane" and the ice cream workshop are adjacent to the new building of the Deutsches Museum and form the experimental counterpart to the classic Brasserie Nitz and Café Pique Nique opposite.

In line with the concept of a Chef's Table, where guests become part of the cooking experience and are in direct contact with the chef, the open show kitchen by means of a U-shaped concrete counter is the heart of the guest space. The show kitchen as a workshop and experience space, representing the process of creation from raw to refined, is also reflected in the space materiality and arrangement.

Rooms for cleaning, preparation, as well as sanitary facilities are arranged around the guest room. In the central guest room, the material selection, around the show kitchen, is characterized by clay plaster, raw wooden planks and the concrete counter cast in a formwork of sand and wood. While the ventilation systems are exposed throughout the guest space and unified by black paint, the show kitchen stands out with a delicate suspended stainless steel ceiling.

The show kitchen as an artificial site is finished in pure stainless steel to clearly stand out from the raw, natural environment.

This exciting and experimental project was realized in collaboration with the artist Phillip Eyrich, who has made a name for himself with large-scale concrete works.


OJ Cuisine GmbH


Nuremberg, Germany




Planning and implementation




Completion 2021




Philipp Eyrich