Produktives Stadtquartier Winnenden

The new, productive urban development fits into the existing, heterogeneous context as a natural connecting element. In the north, the urban structure is based on the compact bodies of the neighboring commercial areas and access roads, while noise generation, density and building height gradually decrease in the south-west, where the quarter opens up to the scenic view of the Bachtal. The “Quartiers Start-Up” as the face and connection point to the Winnenden city center and the “Experimental Fablab” as the entrance building on the main road are individual highlights. Two main development axes along the contour lines subdivide the quarter into three subareas with different mixes and building typologies.
The individual building plots create high- quality indoor and outdoor spaces with their individual form, variable building typologies and clearly defined edges, enabling different subdivisions and flexible investment opportunities. The result is a superordinate spatial structure with public paths, active terraced roof areas, front zones, quiet courtyards and crossing alleys. The new productive neighbourhood is green and at the same time highly densely urbanized, traffic-calmed and at the same time very efficiently accessible. Commonly used work and experience-spaces as well as active ground floor zones create an attractive place with a specific identity and local charisma for.


Internationale Bauaustellung 2027 (IBA´27)


Winnenden, Germany




Realisation competition


Mixed use of industry, commerce and housing






Marleen Stokkeby