Reception Desk

The idea was to design a counter behind which the reception staff would not disappear like behind a fortress. The counter should rather act as a table that is large enough to fulfill all functions that are necessary for organization and administration and thus to fit functionally into everyday work. At the same time, it should be high enough to allow guests to store a notebook. Based on this idea, we have designed a functional top counter that rests on a semi-transparent base and refers to the wickerwork of garden furniture from the 1960s.

Due to the lack of executing companies and after extensive research and studies, we implemented the idea in our office and have woven the counter by hand in Architrave's offices. As the back side of the reception counter is exposed to the central meeting room located right behind, we designed a backstage area for the counter with a practical and very elegant ball-chain-curtain, with which a clear, organized workspace can be created practically and quickly without wasting much time. This serves, among other things, as a depot for annoying cables, office items, smartphones and other small things that you need at hand quickly in everyday work. In order to create more storage space and to relieve the counter, we designed a sideboard for files and important documents, which was arranged on the back between the counter and the conference room behind it.


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Berlin, Germany




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 Reception and workstation